Interior/Exterior Design:

You may engage your architect to provide an interior design service, advising on loose furniture, artworks and finishes / swimming pool design, outside pavement and varieties of outside texture and finishes.

Sustainability Advice and Design:

Your architect can advise you how to optimizing orientation, microclimate, building fabric, lifecycle costing, energy and water consumption and ensure compliance with Building Regulations. Additionally, if you require options for future proofing your building against future costs, or creating a zero carbon building the implications can be established by a specific studies at an early stage.

Conservation skills:

If the building you own is ‘historic’, a ‘Protected Structure’ or in an ‘Architectural Conservation Area’ you will need the advice of an architect with skills in conservation. Even if your building is not listed by the Planning Authority it can still be worthy of conservation and you will want to make sure that its character is not damaged in the process of any alterations or extensions you plan to carry out.

Urban Design & Master-Planning:

Architects are at the forefront of the design of urban spaces in existing and proposed sections of our towns and cities.